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Fri Nov 8 11:53:01 CST 2002

> So will I need to use the Dell driver for the PERC card or 
> will the default
> install have a driver that will get me loaded up and then I 
> only need to run up2date?

RHL7.1 and 7.2 doesn't have the PCI IDs for the PERCs in the PE1650 and
PE2650.  So you can't use the retail or 7.1SBE media without using the
driver disk.  If you're PXE booting the install remotely, you can hack up
the boot.img disk to put the drivers on there so it'll get picked up (you'll
also then need to update the kernel in kickstart %post else when you reboot
into the normal kernel you won't have the drivers you need).

After you've got a system running, using up2date will get you a kernel that
has the updated aacraid driver in it natively.


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