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Fri Nov 8 11:28:01 CST 2002

I'm actually in the same boat here, getting ready to load RH 7.1 on a Dell
2650, w/ Perc 3/Di.
I however have the benefit of being in the same location as my server so a
driver sisk will work. The question is, is there one?

--Richard Idalski

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I need to install a Power Edge 1650 with a PERC 3Di in it, what gotchas will
I run into, I believe I will need to load up the AACRAID module will that be
available via the install which will be a PXE install or do I need to create
a driver disk?  I'm 70 miles from the server and only have KVM access so I
was hoping not to have to drive there for the floppy driver.

Red Hat 7.1


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