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Christopher Barry cbarry at
Fri Nov 8 00:53:01 CST 2002

On Thu, 2002-11-07 at 17:57, Eric Björkvall wrote:
> Hi!
> We're running redhat 7.3 on a power edge 4400 with 500 GB storage. We 
> have a powervault
> 120t tape drive/library. We're looking for a good backup program for 
> linux, backing up this server and
> a few other redhat 7..3 machines - have tried arkea 5.0.x for
> a couple of months but it is expensive if we want to buy it and the 
> current version has a few quite seriuos bugs.
> Any suggestions?
> Cheers,
> Eric
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Yeah. First, forget about tape. Change your thinking about backups. Tape
takes f o r e v e r.

Here's what I did.

The hardware:
I bought a 3ware Escalade 7500 8-port ATA-RAID card.(I tried others - do
yourself a favor and get THIS card!) I put it in a PE1400. Got 5 (for
now) 120G WD caviars and made a 600G RAID0 array (I had to mod the disk
carrier, and kinda stuff the disks in with foam-rubber padding. HEY, it
works!;^). Loaded debian on another 10G IDE drive I had laying around,
and threw in a GigE card.

The software:
Get yourself glastree, and excellent free perl script - it's on
Freshmeat. It builds a whole new tree daily. It only copies changes, and
hardlinks to past files if no change, hence efficient storage. Next, get
samba source, compile it --with-msdfs. Next, email me for the cool
dynamic samba share creation code I wrote (using doubly-nested msdfs
root trees!). I'm in the process of putting all of this together with a
HOWTO, and bundling it on Freshmeat - look for it this lifetime.


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