PowerVault 775N + NFS3

jason andrade jason at dstc.edu.au
Thu Nov 7 17:34:00 CST 2002

On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, John Deatherage wrote:

> I meant push 1 gigabit, on a gigabit ethernet internet connection, my bad..
> =)

ok. now that is a pretty impressive goal.

> I don't have exact stats, but last time I checked, one of our larger
> load-balanced websites pushed over 6 Tbytes a day.  About 8 hours of our day
> is near full cap., and the rest is 30-40%.

yow.  well, i wonder if you will get 100Mbyte/sec performance with the
hardware you outlined.

> We're also looking at 2650s as NFS servers as an alternate solution.  In a
> perfect world, network appliances should provide a predetermined amount of
> performance, but in the case of NFS, we could probably always do better with
> something we can tweak more.

hmm, i guess you will definitely want to test if the hardware raid on the
2650 will deliver that (either the onboard perc4/di, or the extra perc3/QC
card).  otherwise you're looking at software raid.  some other admins here
have quoted figures of around the 60-80Mbyte/sec range for their software
raid setups but i can't remember if they're past 100 for reads.  perhaps
it's time to head to the mail archives batman..

> Storage vendors can't seem to give me any concrete NFS performance stats
> unless they are charging outrageous SAN prices for their NAS.   This leads
> me to believe that we should give NFS on Linux a try here - if can be done,
> we can do it...

have a look around www.netapp.com as there are some links there to white
papers on NFS and also some specNFS type pointers.

i, and quite a few others would be very interested in your results at that
traffic level.



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