Kenrnel Problems on pe2650

John McMonagle johnm at
Thu Nov 7 13:51:01 CST 2002

I know there has been some discussion on this but have not seen any 
mentions as to the cause of the problem or what to to about it.

kernel-smp-2.4.18-10  and kernel-smp-2.4.18-17.7.x both lock a while after
with no error messages. This was the same before and after installing omsa.

kernel-smp-2.4.18-5 runs OK.  Has some shut down problems if an abi module is

Have 2 processors, 2gb ram and no raid in case that helps.

As it's not on line yet I can do some playing with kernels.
I wouldn't mind doing a bit of tweaking to the source but it's rather difficult
when one doesn't have a clue what to look for.

Anyone try a 2.4.19 kernel?


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