PowerVault 775N + NFS3

John Deatherage john at dtiserv2.com
Thu Nov 7 12:44:01 CST 2002

Has anyone on the list used the PowerVault 775N with NFS yet?  We were
thinking about buying one of these units with a 220S enclosure and 10 73GB

We are looking into NAS over our current SAN + fiber channel HBA in every
machine.  We are only doing web hosting, but will need to push 1 gigabyte or
so of NFS off the two copper gig NICs.

The alternative NAS or SAN solutions really seem like overkill for web
hosting - most of this will be large files (30-600 megabytes), so the number
of connections is much smaller than what would normally comprise one gigabit
of traffic.

I'm getting more specs from my sales rep, but any Linux experience that
anyone can provide is appreciated.

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