Tr: Re: 2550 with bcm5700

jason andrade jason at
Thu Nov 7 06:17:00 CST 2002

On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, mad mad wrote:

> sure it's a crossover cable (sorry my english is approximative :)

have you tried a different xover cable, just to be sure it isn't
a defective cable ? (the english is fine btw :-)

if you are seeing sent packets but no receive ones, well the
interface and driver are definitely there..

can you do an arp -a after a ping and see if you can see the
ethernet address of the other interface you should see ?

i'm at a bit of a loss myself to work out a quick diagnosis
here as generally a xover is about the simplest base setup.

you might want to run this past again

o interfaces are actually ifconfig up on both machines

o xover cable plugged into the right physical ports (can
  you see link lights on both interfaces?)

o netstat -nr shows you something like ?

  192.168.X.0   U        40 0          0 ethX

o is the netmask and broadcast correctly configured on both machines ?

o can you ping the local private interface on the machine itself (just to make
  sure the driver is actually loaded properly and passing packets via it's
  internal mechanism)

my advice on using a switch is because you should then let both
interfaces autonegotiate, which should help remove one set of
possible things to debug (speed/duplex issues).



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