Tr: Re: 2550 with bcm5700

mad mad madounet at
Thu Nov 7 05:57:00 CST 2002

> > Cable cat 5 twisted pairs UTP
> are you sure you have used a crossover cable ?  the nics in
> servers
> are not auto MDI-X switching.

sure it's a crossover cable (sorry my english is approximative :)

> > I can see in /proc  stats that the amount of paquets is
> increasing
> > but no answer from nas
> usually that will be the sent packets if you are pinging from
> a server.

yes sent packets
but received packets all the time == 0

> to make this simple, can you plug both into a switch and see
> if they can ping each other then ?

I will try but it's not really easy cause servers are in a data center

thx for your quick answer



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