No alarm event from PERC SNMP agent

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Wed Nov 6 07:43:00 CST 2002

After you unplug the drive, try to access a filesystem that was on that
drive.  Obviously you will get somethig back because the mirror is up and
running, but this action will make the controller realize that there is a
drive missing.  when you unplug a drive, the controller will not realize
it's missing until it trys to access it.

     - Tom

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Im running RH 7.3 on a Poweredge 2600 Perc4/Di with 2*18GB and 2*72GB
in two RAID1 logical drives. I installed PERC SNMP agent as well as
Megamon. I don't get any kind of indication when my logical drive #1
fails i.e I unplugg one of the physical drives. In DellMgr the drive
is'nt even indicated as offline or anything. When I do the same with
one of the drives in logical drive #0 it works? Am i doing anything
wrong here? Do I have to configure any of the monitoring tools to
monitor my LD #1?

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