USB wheel mouse in RH7.3 on Precision 530

Lee, David Y. dlee at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Tue Nov 5 20:01:01 CST 2002

 I've tried this as well as using the mousemanplusPS/2, usb, and auto, protocols. Using IMPS/2 results in erratic mouse movement and button action (not usable at all). X cannot detect the proper protocol if you use 'auto', and it claims usb is an unknown protocol.

i found that the original link from /dev/mouse -> input/mice was not working.(would generatet a modprobe failure). While an easy workaround is to just use /dev/psaux in the XFconfig file, is this a sign that something has broken somewhere? 

thanks for all the input

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I actually just ran into this at home on my laptop.  All I did to
the problem was to go into the file and change the protocol from "PS/2"
"IMPS/2" and then restarted X.

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A number of our users have ordered the Precision 530 with USB mouse
(logitech/dell) and Redhat 7.3. However, the scroll wheel does not
in Xwindows. Is there a specific configuration needed on the Precision
series w/ linux for USB mice? 

Looking around on the web, most people recommended using "Protocol"
in XF86Config but this just causes mouse movement to be extremely
and unusable. For now, we have resorted to using:

Driver	"mouse"
Option	"Device		"/dev/psaux"
Option	"Protocol		"PS/2"
Option	"Emulate3Buttons	"yes"
Option	"ZaxisMapping	"4 5"
Option	"Button"		"5"

This works fine, just no mouse wheel. Using the wheel as a center button
does work.


Dave Lee

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