Intalling RH 7.3 on a PE2450

jason andrade jason at
Mon Nov 4 14:21:01 CST 2002

On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, Gilberto Buentello Ontiveros wrote:

> Hi everyone, Recently i had installed RH 7.3 on a PE 2450/PERC 3Si, but the
> installation took about 40 minutes, I think that was a very long time for
> RH. Can anyone tell me if this was a troube with the PERC o something else?
> Aparently RH works well, but i don't like to obtain a surprise in the
> future.
> Sytem Detail: PE 2450/3Si, 512MB RAM, 2xPIII 866MHz, 2x18GB HD.

Which part took 40 minutes?  Was it a "complete" installation or a customized
one ?

A full redhat install can indeed take a while.  But it is unclear if you are
referring to simply the time spent loading from cds or the complete process?

I've found a `cut down' custom installation of around 300-400 packages (around
700M) usually takes about 10 minutes on a 2450 with a PERC (RAID1) container
just for the last step (loading packages from cd).



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