Software Raid 5 tuning under Linux ?

jason andrade jason at
Sun Nov 3 06:37:01 CST 2002


I've recently given up on an attempt to get some FibreChannel disks
to work with my PV650F array and have instead directly connected
them to a PE2400 fileserver using a 630F and a QLA2200 card.

I currently have 10 73G drives configured as a single RAID5
volume (9 disks plus one spare disk) on a single 100Mbyte/sec
FibreChannel interface.  The PE2400 has 2 * 933 processors and
a gig of ram in it.

After some mucking around, the system is seeing a nice bunch of
scsi disk drives and i have gotten around to setting up software
RAID5.  I have read the software raid howto, which recommends
a chunk size of 128K, as well as some options for mke2fs.

Can anyone out there offer any tuning advice beyond this ?  e.g
larger or smaller chunk sizes or filesystem tuning ?  Any other
advice ? particularly on disk failure/recovery..



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