Bounce buffers and kernel 2.4.18-17.7.x.

Anders Nielsen anielsen at
Fri Nov 1 06:49:01 CST 2002

Hi there!

I am planning to upgrade one of our poweredge 6300 server from 1 Gb to 4
GB of RAM. It has 4 CPUs already.

It is running Redhat 7.2 and I am planning to upgrade the kernel at the
time to kernel-smp-2.4.18-17.7.x.i686.rpm.

We are using the aic7xxx driver to access our disks running software
raid. They are attached via the internal scsi controller.

My question is if the bounce buffer problems mentioned on this list
earlier are fixed in the new kernel?

Is the kernel I mentioned best for this setup?


Anders Nielsen <anielsen at>

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