PERC3/DC and ext3

Abe Hayhurst abe at
Wed Jun 26 10:25:01 CDT 2002

I had originally posted the question below to the linux-poweredge list, but
got no response, and I have a box I am going to begin work on today. Does
anyone know whether PERC3 in write-back mode with ext3 is stable?

Also what are the block size options under ext3 and what is the default
block size? I know ext2 defaults to 1024k, but can also do 2048k or 4096k.
If you were selecting a RAID1 stripe size for a disk devoted exclusively to
your /swap partition, what stripe size would be best? Standard 64K or would
setting to 4096K be faster and allow more I/O's since this is the memory
apge size that linux uses? My system has 1GB of RAM and will therefore have
a 2GB swap partition. All my data (large files) will be on a separate RAID10
volume with 128K srtipes. My /boot and my root partition will be on a
separate RAID1 volume. What stripe size would be optimal for those

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Hi everyone,

Reading through the archives of this list, it seems there were some issues
with using PERC3 (megaraid) cards with ext3. One post mentioned that you had
to use the card in write-through mode. I want to run the card in write-back
mode. Which file system should I use? If ext3 is safe, how does performance
compare to ext2?


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