Server admin, aacraid and embedded sensors flakiness?

jason andrade jason at
Wed Jun 26 07:03:00 CDT 2002

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002, Kevin M. Myer wrote:

> ns1 kernel: aacraid:Enclosure 0 - Temperature 196, over threshold 120.
> I've seen these warnings on both Linux and Win2K boxes and it just seems odd to
> me that the temperature momentarily spikes to 196 and then drops right back down
> to 120 because these warnings aren't continuous, only one every few days.  Any
> ideas as to what is causing this?

i think this is a spurious error.  if you start getting a bunch of them it might be
indicative of a failing/ed sensor which needs to get replaced.  i also get these
every now and then on our 2450s.

> 3) On the second box, a PE 2550, I have Server Administrator running.  That box
> is also flashing amber but looking through the logs and through all the sensor
> output, there's not a single thing on alarm.  Is there anyway to clear that
> amber light and hopefully get it to alarm again (if there is a problem) so I can
> pinpoint whats causing it to warn?

yes, you have to hunt through the interface (i can't remember exactly where)  but
there is a "clear lights" option somewhere there which fixes this.  sometimes the
esm seems to get confused which can cause this and all you have to do is clear it.

you want to make absolutely sure there is no problem though (e.g failed drive or
fan etc)



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