Some help about backups and mirroring dballester at
Wed Jun 26 03:27:01 CDT 2002

Hi to all:
     First of all, I always try to get info by my own to solve the problems
but in some cases the problem is sufficient important and I need to ask
directly for any type of solution ( when the systems are in danger ). For
me, this is one of this cases and I need your help. I have one PowerEdge
1500 SC. I need to make a regular backups but I have no idea to know what
type of tape drive I have exactly ( I tried to take a look to the /proc
info with no result ). If it's util, the service tag is 2CNSB0J. Any how-to
to make possible the backup procedure with the standard Linux tools ( we
haven't graphical interface ) will be very aprreciated. Another question:
This PowerEdge have a Megaraid card and two scsi drives. Taking a look to
the partitions I can see that the second hard drive don't have any type of
partitions ( it's clear ). May I supouse that is not active any type of
mirroring and I can do a RAID-1 mirror with dellmgr application, without
stopping the server and without lose data? Again, any how-to on how to use
dellmgr will be great.

As always, regards and a lot of TIAs

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