PE2650 broadcom NIC driver for

Darrin Hyrup shades at
Tue Jun 25 12:46:01 CDT 2002

I am not really familiar with pxeboot, but I am using Kickstart and with 
postinstall script.  The reason I didn't really consider dropping an 
additional ethernet card into the box is due to the number of servers 
(20ish) I'd have to do this for.  I suppose that is an option though.  I'll 
look into the pxeboot stuff and see what I can do with that.

I did look at SystemImager around 18 months or so ago, but at the time it 
didn't look mature enough to really do what I wanted, not to mention it 
seemed pretty complex to run.  Hopefully it has matured over the last year 
or so.  I'll have to look at that again.



Darrin Hyrup
Mythic Entertainment

At 01:17 PM 6/25/2002, chris dagdigian wrote:

>I use (and can strongly recommend) SystemImager ( to 
>handle autoinstallation (full & incremental) for all the large linux based 
>compute farms that I've built.  For one of the Dell based systems I've got 
>(30x PE1550's plus 4x PE6450's) I am able to boot each system via the 
>pxe-enabled BIOS and have a fully configured (partitioned disks and 
>everything) linux system in about 5 minutes. Works fine and it's pretty 
>easy to roll your own systemimager autoinstall kernel if the standard one 
>does not contain the drivers you need.

At 12:54 PM 6/25/2002, Hubbard, David wrote:
>Use pxeboot, kick-start, and an appropriate kickstart
>postinstall script.  There's nothing you can't script
>into a post-install unless you are doing things that
>require manually entering passwords when prompted or
>something like that, but then you could even use 'expect'
>if you had to.
>If that's not possible, why not just throw an e100
>into the box for the five minutes of imaging?
>From: Darrin Hyrup [mailto:shades at]
> >
> > Out of curiosity, does anyone know if a version of this
> > driver exists for DOS Packet or NDIS2?  I would like to
> > be able to use GHOST to create drive images for mass
> > installing our Linux-installed 2650s like we do with the
> > 2550s (using the intel drivers), but I have been unable to
> > find driver support for this chipset that can be used by
> > Ghost, as it only supports those two formats as far as
> > I know.
> >
> > Failing that, it looks like I'm going to have to manually
> > install each machine, which is painful and time consuming
> > due to the amount of customization required for each
> > server and the number of servers that need to be installed.
> > I can use kickstart files to automate some of it, but
> > there is still a lot of extra stuff that needs to be done
> > that KS won't easily handle.
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > Best,
> >
> > Darrin Hyrup
> > Mythic Entertainment
> >

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