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chris dagdigian dag at
Tue Jun 25 12:13:01 CDT 2002

I use (and can strongly recommend) SystemImager ( 
to handle autoinstallation (full & incremental) for all the large linux 
based compute farms that I've built.  For one of the Dell based systems 
I've got (30x PE1550's plus 4x PE6450's) I am able to boot each system 
via the pxe-enabled BIOS and have a fully configured (partitioned disks 
and everything) linux system in about 5 minutes. Works fine and it's 
pretty easy to roll your own systemimager autoinstall kernel if the 
standard one does not contain the drivers you need.


Hubbard, David wrote:

>Use pxeboot, kick-start, and an appropriate kickstart
>postinstall script.  There's nothing you can't script
>into a post-install unless you are doing things that
>require manually entering passwords when prompted or
>something like that, but then you could even use 'expect'
>if you had to.
>If that's not possible, why not just throw an e100
>into the box for the five minutes of imaging?

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