RedHat 7.3 and PE 6650

Les Niles lniles at
Mon Jun 24 20:24:01 CDT 2002

Matt_Domsch at [mailto:Matt_Domsch at] wrote:
> > Alternatively, 
> > are the fixes needed if I promise not to use 
> > any PCI cards that have on-board bridges?  
> No, not strictly needed in that case.
> > (Assuming the PERC3 RAID card does not have 
> > bridges, which appears to be the case.)
> The PERC3 series cards *do* have a PCI bridge on them. :-) 

Thanks for the info; that bridge wasn't obvious from 
looking at lspci for the PERC3.  Anyway, I realized 
that one of the NICs we use does have a PCI bridge, 
so the issue is moot.

> > How does the server administrator determine 
> > what kernel versions it supports?
> It's kind of confusing, but essentially it looks at 'uname 
> -r' for a match
> on its internal list, and if no match, then use the DKS feature which
> requires source.  Even if the module already exists because 
> you built and
> copied it separately, since it's not known to the 
> 'dellomsa-drivers' package
> already, it'll try to use DKS.  There's no "does this module 
> already exist
> in /lib/modules/..." test in the current implementation.

OK.  I looked at the scripts and thought they were just 
looking for the module in /lib/modules/`uname -r`, but it 
was kind of late on Friday.... 

> I'll create an RFE for the OMSA team to see if they can add 
> such a test into future versions.

Thanks, Matt.  In the meantime I guess we'll just load 
the source and let the installer do its thing.  (Which is 
rather cool, BTW, just not my first choice for cloning 
a configuration in a manufacturing process.)


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