RH73 install, devices and modules.conf

Sigbjorn Strommen sigbjorn.strommen at roxar.com
Mon Jun 24 18:27:00 CDT 2002

Seth Mos wrote:
> At 16:40 24-6-2002 +0200, Sigbjorn Strommen wrote:
> >So I checked the docs for the server, and found out that it scans the
> >internal SCSI card last. All PCI expansion cards will be scanned before
> >the internal SCSI card.
> Afaik you can change which scsi device will be the first boot device tries.
> I don't know if this helps you or not. But it will change which controller
> is defined as the boot controller by the BIOS.

Got some good hints from Nate @ Red Hat as well. One solution is to
detach the external disks and add the following line to modules.conf:

options aic7xxx aic7xxx=reverse_scan

Then rerun mkinitrd and attach the external disks again.

Another solution that seems to work is to disable the bios completely
on the external Adaptecs, but I think I would prefer to not do that,
as I won't see potential disk problems as soon, at boot up.

Other then that there doesn't seem to be any way around having to
update the raidtab file if you insert a new disk in the middle of the
scsi-chain (to keep the device names consistent with the contents of
the superblocks), as all the disks after the inserted disk will change
their device name.


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