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Mon Jun 24 13:20:01 CDT 2002

> A couple of questions regarding RedHat 7.3 and 
> the PE 6650:  
> There's a warning regarding installing RH 7.2, 
> that a patched kernel is required to prevent 
> kernel faults if PCI cards with PCI bridges are 
> used.  Does the stock 7.3 kernel -- 2.4.18-3 -- 
> contain the necessary fixes?

Yes, it has the fixes already.  And both errata kernels for RHL 7.3
(2.4.18-[45]) also have the fixes.

> Alternatively, 
> are the fixes needed if I promise not to use 
> any PCI cards that have on-board bridges?  

No, not strictly needed in that case.

> (Assuming the PERC3 RAID card does not have 
> bridges, which appears to be the case.)

The PERC3 series cards *do* have a PCI bridge on them. :-)  So no you can't
use them on 7.2 without upgrading the kernel.  Kernel 2.4.9-34 has the fixes
also, so you can install with just one PERC3 card then upgrade the kernel to
-34 immediately, and then add the other PERC3 cards.

> How does the server administrator determine 
> what kernel versions it supports?

It's kind of confusing, but essentially it looks at 'uname -r' for a match
on its internal list, and if no match, then use the DKS feature which
requires source.  Even if the module already exists because you built and
copied it separately, since it's not known to the 'dellomsa-drivers' package
already, it'll try to use DKS.  There's no "does this module already exist
in /lib/modules/..." test in the current implementation.

> So what else do 
> I need to pre-build for 2.4.18-3 in order to make 
> work without kernel sources?

That wasn't intended, so there's no easy way to do this short of unpackaging
the dellomsa-drivers RPM (including extracting the scripts) and repackaging
it with the changes you want yourself.

I'll create an RFE for the OMSA team to see if they can add such a test into
future versions.


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