PE4600 and Red Hat Questions

Abe Hayhurst abe at
Fri Jun 21 18:51:00 CDT 2002

How many MB/sec did you get with 128KB vs. 256KB vs. 512KB for sequential
read/write vs. random read/write?

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>At 16:35 21-6-2002 -0400, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
>>for raid0/1 I'd recommend 64K to 128Kb... smaller is worse generally.
>>Playing with the caching settings (and readahead) is worth it, the optimal
>>settings for these very much depends on the workload
>128KB works well in combo with both the 10KRPM and 15KRPM disks.
>I tested this on a PERC3/DC in a 2550 with raid10. Larger gives you better
>sequential throughput.

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