Dell 6450 with bad drive

Nate Golnik nate at
Fri Jun 21 14:25:00 CDT 2002

Machine:  Dell 6450 with built in scsi (no raid), Added 4x Adaptec 39160
cards to the system.  So that's 10 scsi controllers in the box (2 onboard
and 2 on each 39160).  Attached 4 Fully loaded powervault 210s with split
backplanes to the system.  Each controller gets 6 drives except for the
onboard which has 3 drives.  Each adaptec card connects to 2 different
powervaults.  It comes to a total of 51 drives.  Which by the way takes 
about 25 mintues to cold boot.

Problem:  /dev/sdam has gone bad and needs to be replaced.  

Question:  Is there a way to make the drive light flash so it's easy to find.
I tried the afacli (on another machine), but since it's not a raid 
controller it just spits out an error.  Any suggestions/solutions would be 


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