Megaraid: Problem on SCSI bus ? Problem in driver ?

christian e cej at
Fri Jun 21 13:40:01 CDT 2002

Pierre POMES wrote:
> Hi Christian,
>>Have you tried booting again and see if your NVRAM and disk conf is
>>mismatched again ??
> I still have a message 'unresolved configuration mismatch between NVRAM and adapter',
> but when I go into the bios adapter, I cannot choose NVRAM or disk, and therefore I
> cannot save anything (which seems to be not possible according to the PERC3 manual).
> And the machine boots normally... 
> But when the machine crashed, I got the same message and a 'normal mismatch' was
> reported. But when going into the bios adapter, I had to choose between the two
> configs, before able to save again.
> I don't understand why the adapter reports this mismatch each time before booting. Do
> you have the same warning ? Perhaps it is related to the BIOS revision 1.61 ? Do you
> know if it possible to downgrade the bios ?
> Regards,

Downgrading won't help..We had the problem on 1.57 and we upgraded to 
1.61 hoping it would help..
Doesn't anyone else have these problems ?? It's really beginning to bug 
me now :o)

best regards


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