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Thu Jun 20 15:07:00 CDT 2002

At 13:51 20-6-2002 -0400, SMiller at wrote:
>Hello. I have ordered a shrink wrap copy of RH 7.3 Server for installation
>on my PE1400SC (ordered without Linux pre-install). I have 25+ years in IT,
>but this is my first adventure with Linux (can you spell d-i-n-o-s-a-u-r;>)
>I know that I will need to download the appropriate support files from Dell
>(PERC2 RAID, etc.), but little else. As an utter newbie in this area, I'm
>looking for some FAQ, checklist, or other high-level guide for the recently
>brain dead that will inform me of the basics to get the OS up and running
>on my server. I've looked around the archives of this list and around Mr.
>Domsch's site, but no joy. Is what I'm looking for so generic that I should
>get it from some vanilla Linux site or a "Linux for Dummies" type guide
>rather than looking for Dell-specific information? Any pointers will be
>greatly appreciated.

It will work out of the box. Red Hat 7.3 has support for the raid 
controllers and the utilities to monitor the controller are on the Dell site.

Basically click next next next fill out some details and you should be there.
Some more generic documents can also explain some of the partitioning 
schemes (which proves to be the most difficult part for most new to 
unix/linux). See

There isn't anything in that machine that should not work out of the box. 
Only the latest machines may prove to be a challenge. Especially when 
trying to use an older distribution.


It might just be your lucky day, if you only knew.

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