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Thu Jun 20 14:47:00 CDT 2002

> I'm looking for some FAQ, checklist, or other high-level guide 
> for the recently brain dead that will inform me of the basics
> to get the OS up and running on my server. 

Dell includes a "Dell Server Assistant" CD in the "goodie box" included with
your server.  This CD walks you through a set of questions, then kicks off a
scripted OS install that gets your system to a very reasonable state.  The
current CD (DSA 7.1) won't install RHL7.3 (but will RHL7.2), but the next
released version will.  The OpenManage Subscription Service can send you new
CDs when they're available.  See

You'll also want to read our "Information Update" (aka the Tech Sheet) which
has all the gotchas we know about listed.  You can find the one for RHL 7.2
posted to, link "Linux Online Technical Resources",
link "System Documentation", link "Red Hat Linux 7.2 Information Update".
We haven't released the equivalent (but highly similar) document for 7.3
yet, but expect to in the next few weeks.

Also, in the Red Hat box set (and on Red Hat's web site) is an installation
guide.  That'll walk you through screen-by-screen what you need.  It's
pretty straightforward.

And of course, it's good to practice on your new system before putting it
into production!


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