Intel Pro 1000/T vs. 1000/XT vs. 1000/MT

Abe Hayhurst abe at
Thu Jun 20 12:51:00 CDT 2002

Intel's support page says the following:

"Known Issues
Inconsistent Driver Behavior Under Heavy Traffic Loads
Adapters based on the Intel 82543 and 82544 LAN controllers may hang (stop
transmitting) under certain network conditions. If this occurs a message is
logged in the system event log. In addition, the controller is automatically
reset, restoring the network connection. To eliminate the potential for the
hang change the RxIntDelay parameter to zero. For details on the RxIntDelay
parameter see the Command Line Parameters section."

The Pro 1000/T uses the 82543 controller and the Pro 1000/XT uses the 82544
controller. Has anyone run into these issues? Does the fix that Intel
recommends degrade performance?

Dell currently sells the Pro 1000/XT and uses it on motherboards. Intel has
released a newer card the Pro 1000/MT that uses a newer controller. Does
anyone have any experience with the Pro 1000/MT?



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