[Q]: Deleting virtual SAN disks.....?

Chris Bradshaw chris.bradshaw at staff.ittralee.ie
Thu Jun 20 10:57:00 CDT 2002


I am a bit new to SANs so I was wondering if someone could help me with
a few questions I have.

We have a SAN setup consisting of:

* Dell PowerVault 51Fs fibre switches
* PowerVault 660F disk array controllers/encolusures
* Win2K management station attached.
* NetWare and Linux SAN clients (LUN masking is completely disabled).

(see ASCII diagram below).

It all works reasonably well, but we have a few inconveniences which we
would like to try and find a solution for if possible.

It seems that deleting a virtual disk (via the w2k mgmt station) is not
a straightforward
process. It appears that we can only delete the last virtual disk
created without deleting any other ones at the same time. Eg: if I
create a virtual disk comprising 3 disks, and then I create another one
comprising 2 disks....I can't delete the 3 disk volume without deleting
the 2 disk volume first. Basically, in order to delete virtual disk
C from virtual disks A, B, C, D, E (created in that order) I need to
start at the one last created and delete all the virtual disks created
after C (in this case E then D) before I am allowed to delete C.
Basically, the option to delete virtual disk C is hazed out in the W2K
array manager until E and then D are deleted.

This seems incredibly inflexible. Is there any way around this?

Or are we doing something wrong or missing something?

If it is not possible to get around this, I was wondering if we might
create lots of virtual disks each consisting of a single physical disk
and then let the OS'es create virtual disks using software. This would
enable us to delete a virtual disk from the OS rather than the
W2K station. However, if my understanding is correct, the 660F only
supports 32 LUNs....

Does this mean that I cannot create any more than 32 virtual disks per

Is there any way around this?

Is there an upgrade which might help (firmware or possibly hardware)?

...and lastly, I seem to remember hearing last year that Linux would be
officially supported on PowerVault SANs in SAN v5.0.....

What ever happened to this? Was it ditched?

Thanx in advance.

Chris Bradshaw.

        ---------       | W2K mgmt |    ---------
        |Netware|       | station  |    | Linux |
        ---------       ------------    ---------
                \       /               /
                 \     /               /
                --------        --------
                | PV51F| <----> | PV51F|
                --------        --------
                 /     \         /
                /       \       /
        --------        --------
        |PV660F|        |PV660F|        etc. etc...
        --------        --------

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