Megaraid: Problem on SCSI bus ? Problem in driver ?

Pierre POMES ppomes at
Wed Jun 19 05:11:00 CDT 2002

Hi Christian,

> Have you tried booting again and see if your NVRAM and disk conf is
> mismatched again ??

I still have a message 'unresolved configuration mismatch between NVRAM and adapter',
but when I go into the bios adapter, I cannot choose NVRAM or disk, and therefore I
cannot save anything (which seems to be not possible according to the PERC3 manual).
And the machine boots normally... 

But when the machine crashed, I got the same message and a 'normal mismatch' was
reported. But when going into the bios adapter, I had to choose between the two
configs, before able to save again.

I don't understand why the adapter reports this mismatch each time before booting. Do
you have the same warning ? Perhaps it is related to the BIOS revision 1.61 ? Do you
know if it possible to downgrade the bios ?

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