Help with Unix root special file and PERCRAID needed

Kris Carlier root at
Tue Jun 18 15:57:00 CDT 2002

Hi David,

> and sets the Mirror Container as the boot container, ie. number #00.  With
> the Legacy container removed from the system, I'd expect the Mirror
> container to become /dev/sda and I'd expect to boot it with a Linux boot
> floppy.  It doesn't!  Upon booting linux rescue, the /proc/partitions shows
> a 'phantom' /dev/sda of the original 9GB Legacy container:
> sh-2.05# more /proc/partitiions
> major minor  #blocks  name
>    8	   0	  8906752 sda 7 0 14 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
>    8    16   35278392 sdb ......................
>    8    17      40131 sdb1 ...................
>    ......
> Anyone know why this phantom /dev/sda exists and/or how to clear it?  I
> tried using the DOS fdisk /MBR to clear it but it is still there.
> Even worse, the original Legacy container doens't boot either now and it
> also has the same unclearable phantom /dev/sda device on that disk.
> I believe this has something to do with the Unix root special file but I
> can't find any reference about this problem anywhere.
> Can any one help shed any light or pointer, which would be much appreciated.

the way we dod things like that :

open afa0
container list
container create mirror XXX YYY
(where XXX is the container number of the existing single volume/disk, and
YYY the number of the physical disk you wnat to mirror it to)
task list of just look at the lower line to see the preogress. When it's
container split XXX
container list
(to check on the number of the newly create mirror)
remove the physical disk YYY
put in a new disk
controller rescan
container create mirror XXX YYY

and there you are back at square one, but with an offline copy


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