aic7xxxx versions

Kris Carlier root at
Tue Jun 18 15:49:01 CDT 2002

Hi Duncan,

> we recently purchased a poweredge 6450 and opted to install Red Hat
> ourselves rather than go with the Dell factory install.

ugh, are we talking about the same ?

We've got 10 6450 with each 8 GB RAM, 1 PERC2 (AMI-based) controller, 1
These boxes are for W2K and NT of course, but we did have spare SCSI disks
so we put Linux on them (SuSE 7.2 at that time).

> RedHat 7.2 uses the version 5.2.4 AIC7xxxc driver rather than the newer one
> that Dell Red hat would have installed (not sure of version number).
> We are noticing some very poor numbers now with regard to disk writes and
> wonder if this might be the reason.
> Can anyone make any recommendations as to which SCSI driver we should be
> using and otherwise where I might looking for tuning advice?

cfr supra, we don't use Adaptec on those boxes, only AMI-ased perc


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