dual cpu's

Fernando Ortiz fortiz at lacorona.com.mx
Mon Jun 17 07:05:00 CDT 2002

I use apache/informix/php in my linux box and as apache is multithread it
makes an excelent use of multiple CPU.

Our 'mainframe' is another 8-CPU PE8450 Linux box running Informix IDS with
multiple virtual processor attached to physical CPU.

If you have two app not designed to use multiple CPU the OS split the use
between the apps and the other kernel process.

If your app is designed to use multiple CPU you can leave the box dedicated
to that app without wasting resources.

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Subject: dual cpu's

> Hi All,
> I hope this isn't too off-topic or chit-chatty for
> this list, but does anyone have any general comments
> of the effectiveness of dual cpu's in a linux
> environment. The servers are used for apache/mysql/php
> based websites and pretty much active all the time.
> I guess my question is can anyone verify that those
> apps are really going to take advantage of the second
> cpu. I am not too informed about Linux's multiple cpu
> support but I know that on some O.S/apps the second
> CPU is not really used at all?
> comments?

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