PE 1550 NIC problem with kernel 2.4.9-34smp, RH7.2 Steve_Boley at
Fri Jun 14 11:23:59 CDT 2002

Here's the deal, it looks like the driver from intel was used originally
here.  It can only be used and built as a module.  It was originally built
as module for kernel 2.4.9-31 and now the kernel is 2.4.9-34.  Load the
2.4.9-34 source on the system and dload the latest e100 from intel and run
make install and everything will be fixed.

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On Fri, Jun 14, 2002 at 04:39:22PM +0200, Gunther Schlegel wrote:
> Hi,
> I am facing instability problems ( machine is just dead ) and loss of
> network connection problems on an PE 1550, 2 CPU, Bios A07 after
> upgrading from kernel 2.4.9-31smp to 2.4.9-34, both from the RedHat 7.2
> errata.
> Is there anything known? There have been kernel messages about failed
> initialization of the NIC cards.
> I am using the e100 module.

e100 didn't change *at all* :(

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