Power Supply Fan / OMSA question / New kernel

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Thu Jun 13 23:20:01 CDT 2002

Hi Matt & Steve -

Well, I've done pretty much everything you guys have suggested, except for the 
BIOS upgrade which I can't do until next week.  I even upgraded the Server 
Administrator to 1.1.

In the log file, I'm still getting the messages that the power supply fans
failed.  However, through the Server Admin web interface I'm getting different
info.  Using SA 1.0, it was stating that the fans failed, but in SA 1.1, it is 
stating that the power redundancy is lost.

Thanks for the help.  Any other suggestions?


Steve_Boley at Dell.com さんは書きました:
>Sorry, I think it is the esm.o that is built by the dellomsa utilities and
>would force it to rebuild it again.
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>Hey Steve -
>Thanks again for the quick reply.  I'm not sure what you are talking about
>when you said
>"remove the dellomsa.o that is in the modules directory."  Did a search of
>the server and 
>couldn't find dellomsa.o anywhere.  Verified that the linux-2.4 link was
>pointing to the 
>current kernel's source.  Removed the two RPMs, dellomsa-4.51-3417.i386.rpm
>dellomsa-drivers-4.51-3417.i386.rpm, and then re-installed them, but only to
>get the same
>results.  Any clues?
>Also thanks for the link to the new Server Admin.  Trying to find stuff on
>Dell's site
>is frustrating, especially when not getting any results after an hour or so.
>I'm about 
>to install it on a different server that I'm setting up.
>Steve_Boley at Dell.com さんは書きました:
>>You must have the kernel source installed for 2.4.9-34 and then remove the
>>dellomsa.o that is in the modules directory so it will rebuild it again.
>>Remove the current linux-2.4 link in /usr/src and redo it pointing to the
>>current kernel source and everything should work fine then.
>>Server admin is at http://ftp1.us.dell.com/sysman/DOMN31_A00.tar .
>>Enjoy :)
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>>Subject: Re: Power Supply Fan / OMSA question / New kernel
>>Hi Matt & Steve -
>>Thanks for quick reply.  I was happily surprised when I got into 
>>work this morning.  
>>Well, to answer some of your questions, yes, I did upgrade the 
>>kernel-sources to 2.4.9-34, yes, the esm is version 5.24, but no
>>on the bios.  Currently, it's version a05, which I'm assuming
>>was factory installed.  Can't get to NTT until next week, so
>>when I do upgrade the BIOS, I'll let you know how it turns out.
>>Anyways, last night thinking that the drivers might 
>>not have been rebuilt properly I uninstalled and then reinstalled
>>dellomsa-drivers-4.51-3417, dellomsa-4.51-3417, but no such luck.
>>Also, the current location of the esm.o driver for 2.4.9-34 is 
>>different than for previous kernels.  It looks like through kernels
>>version 2.4.7 the drivers were stored in 
>>but from 2.4.9 they are stored in /lib/modules/2.4.9-XXsmp/misc/,
>>is that right?  I haven't upgraded the OMSA packages, since I can't find
>>I did find the upgrade referencing the ECC issue, but that seems unrelated.
>>However, there are also two packeages regarding that upgrade, 
>>omsa4xxc-lnx-a00.tar and sa1xxc-lnx-a00.tar.  I'm assuming that they
>>are the same thing since they are the same size and refer to the same
>>Also, Steve, you mentioned Server Administrator 1.1, how can
>>I get a hold of it?  I dug through Dell site and came up 
>>empty-handed.  After doing a search on Google though, I was led
>>back to Dell's site, where I found the documentation for it.
>>Any suggestions as to how to get it?
>>Again, thanks for the help.
>>Matt_Domsch at Dell.com さんは書きました:
>>>> using varioius tools.  Anyways, after upgrading the kernel 
>>>> from 2.4.9-31smp to 2.4.9-34smp today using the 
>>>> Red Hat Network, I got the following errors.  In the past, 
>>>> upgrading the kernel never resulted in errors.
>>>Did you also upgrade kernel-sources?  If not, then the esm.o driver won't
>>>get rebuilt properly, thus can't feed good data to applications.
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>>Steve_Boley at Dell.com さんは書きました:
>>>Try upgrading the server administrator to 1.1 version and see if the
>>>clear up.  Also what version of the esm is loaded on the system?  This is
>>>the actual software running on the motherboard that the sensors are
>>>controlled by, if wrong version can cause these types of errors as well.
>>>The esm for the 2450 should be 5.24 and the bios a07.

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