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David Vos>>Do I need to have some special PCI card installed? (That's what
the Dell Remote Assistant David Vos>>Card thing is all about, right?)
If you want to monitor Dell hardware then OpenManage Server Agent is what
you want.  It's a snmp sub-agent that uses snmp to monitor Dell hardware.  

The DRAC(Dell Remote Assistant Card) is a pci card to remotely manage your
Dell server(s).  Functionality of the DRAC includes access to the server in
an event of a server failure, power outage, loss of network
connection;Remote management console capabiltiy(via a NIC or modem);Remote
viewing of event logs and power-on self test codes for diags purposes.

David Vos>>Do I just download the "OpenMangage Server
David Vos>>Agent"?  
Download OpenManage Server Administrator it includes the Server Agent

David Vos>>Do need/want the "OpenMangage Server Administrator"?
Capabilities of Administrator include:
--Web server to host Web pages for the Web-based user interface (Server
Administrator Web server does 	not conflict with other Web server software
that may be running on the server)
--Command-line interface (CLI)
--Instrumentation for the server and its component hardware, such as RAID
(redundant array of 	independent disks) controller, SCSI/IDE (Integrated
Drive Electronics) controller, and network 	interface card (NIC)
--Online diagnostics
--Utilities for updating BIOS and firmware
--Standard set of system information reports
--Security mechanisms

More info at Dell--Search for "Openmanage Sever Administrator".

If you still feel you don't need Administrator, disable it by doing:

service omawsd stop
chkconfig omawsd off

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I want to download and install some tools to monitor our Dell PowerEdge
2500 server running Debian.  Forgive me for asking a dumb question, but I
am not sure what I need to download or install.  Do I need to have some
special PCI card installed? (That's what the Dell Remote Assistant Card
thing is all about, right?)  Do I just download the "OpenMangage Server
Agent"?  Do need/want the "OpenMangage Server Administrator"?


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