Almost Re: Adding Disks to a 4400 (using existing RAID container)

James J Bruce brucej at
Wed Jun 12 11:19:00 CDT 2002

It is very important (at least in the old days) that you had FLEX RAID 
configured on your RAID card.  We tried this once and ended up having to 
wipe our system out because FLEX RAID didn't come enabled by default.  We 
have since talked to our Sales Rep and requested that this be changed.

The newer 4400's, I'm not so sure about?  If they have FLEX RAID still, 
then you will definitely need to make sure it is enabled before extending a 
container size.  Once you have extended your container, I'm almost certain 
that there are tools available for linux to extend your filesystem as well.

--On Wednesday, June 12, 2002 12:10:47 -0400 Owen Scott Medd 
<osm at> wrote:

> On a somewhat similar but different tack... we've been looking at adding
> more disks to an existing raid container and extending the existing ext3
> filesystem that is there to include the new disks.  It seems that there
> are reports that this is possible, but documentation is kind of thin.
> Has anyone successfull done this?  Or... are we just hosed and resign
> ourselves to wiping the configuration and reloading when adding the
> disks?

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