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> Part two is now the major concern.  I have a Microsoft Exchange 5.5 server
> that runs my companies e-mail.  To be able to back this machine up, I need
> to stop the Exchange Services so that its e-mail database appears as a
> normal files, once the files are copied from this machine, I'll need to
> restart the services.
> I know how to do this in Windows, but I don't know how to have a Linux
> machine tell the NT box to stop/start a service.  The reason I want to do
> this in Linux is I want the script to run on the Linux box.  I can (as an
> alterative) have an NT box run the script (batch file) but since
> I'm heading
> away from Windows, I'd prefer not to.

I have a suggestion.

You can tell NT to start/stop services via the NET START and NET STOP
commands. If you can get the Linux server to remotely log in to the NT
server with a command-line session, you can issue these commands to
stop/start Exchange during your backup procedure.

I suspect the built-in Telnet Server may do the trick for remote logins
(haven't played with it before myself), but if not, or you need more
security, I think you should be able to use OpenSSH for Windows:

Hope that helps.


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