Poweredge missing /initrd, kernel panic on boot

Seth Mos knuffie at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 12 02:39:01 CDT 2002

At 18:37 11-6-2002 -0700, Rose Campion wrote:
>Help out a newbie Dell Linux sysadmin here.
>I'm faced with a server (thankfully, one not yet in production) that gets 
>a kernel panic most of the way through the boot, likely because the 
>/initrd directory got deleted (the miscreant programmer confessed; he 
>thought that since it was empty it wasn't needed :). Actual message is the 
>infamous "kernel panic: no init found". I don't think anything else 
>significant changed on the machine since it last booted properly, so I'm 
>guessing it not finding /initrd is enough to stop it in its tracks.

You can boot the installer in rescue mode, load the aacraid driver if it is 
not loaded and mount the root filesystem. Mkdir the directory and then 
umount the disk.

That should then be enough. I always compile my kernel with the root fs 
driver in so I am not dependant on the modules and rebuilding the initrd 
after each kernel build.

>FWIW: System is a new PowerEdge 2500 with PERC3 RAID (single channel, 
>IIRC). It's currently loaded with a vanilla RedHat 7.2 release and vanilla 
>RH 2.4.7 kernel; the filesystems are all ext3.

Better install the 2.4.9-34 errata kernel which also has a fixed up aacraid 
driver as well as a lot of other important fixes.

>Ordinarily, I'd just go in with Tomsrtbt and fix things up, but I can't 
>seem to figure out how to do that here, since Toms doesn't include an 
>aacraid driver, so I can't mount the root raid partition to add /initrd back.

You have the Linuxcare Bootable Toolbox (50MB iso cdrom) or something like 
Knoppix (700MB iso cdrom)

CDrom rescue disks are a lot better to work with. It's faster and no disk 
swapping. I have had good results with the linuxcare rescue disk on 
multiple machines.


It might just be your lucky day, if you only knew.

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