Poweredge missing /initrd, kernel panic on boot

jason andrade jason at dstc.edu.au
Wed Jun 12 01:53:01 CDT 2002

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Hubbard, David wrote:

> Hmm, I've never seen an initrd directory, typically

redhat 7.X onwards uses /initrd to mount the initrd image.
if you delete it, yes, you are stuck on a reboot,

the solution is to boot from a cdrom or emergency boot
floppy, mount the filesystem, mkdir the directory and


> > I'm faced with a server (thankfully, one not yet in 
> > production) that gets a kernel panic most of the way
> > through the boot, likely because the /initrd directory
> > got deleted (the miscreant programmer confessed; he 
> > thought that since it was empty it wasn't needed :).
> > Actual message is the infamous "kernel panic: no init
> > found". I don't think anything else significant 
> > changed on the machine since it last booted properly,
> > so I'm guessing it not finding /initrd is enough to
> > stop it in its tracks.

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