Poweredge missing /initrd, kernel panic on boot

Rose Campion rosecampion at speakeasy.net
Tue Jun 11 20:38:00 CDT 2002

Help out a newbie Dell Linux sysadmin here.

I'm faced with a server (thankfully, one not yet in production) that gets a 
kernel panic most of the way through the boot, likely because the /initrd 
directory got deleted (the miscreant programmer confessed; he thought that 
since it was empty it wasn't needed :). Actual message is the infamous 
"kernel panic: no init found". I don't think anything else significant 
changed on the machine since it last booted properly, so I'm guessing it 
not finding /initrd is enough to stop it in its tracks.

FWIW: System is a new PowerEdge 2500 with PERC3 RAID (single channel, 
IIRC). It's currently loaded with a vanilla RedHat 7.2 release and vanilla 
RH 2.4.7 kernel; the filesystems are all ext3.

Ordinarily, I'd just go in with Tomsrtbt and fix things up, but I can't 
seem to figure out how to do that here, since Toms doesn't include an 
aacraid driver, so I can't mount the root raid partition to add /initrd back.

Clearly swimming in deeper water than I'm used to here - any help or advice 


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