Add a new network card in a PE350.

Dick Visser dick at
Tue Jun 11 04:54:00 CDT 2002

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Pierre POMES wrote:

> I need some advice on my PE350 running redhat 7.2. I need to add a new
> network card (ethernet 10/100) in this system. What kind of network card
> should I add ? A cheap realteak ? A more expansive 3com ? Or a dell card
> ? The system must handle a 1Mb/s internet link without any trouble, it
> is a frontend on a production web server.

If you order a card from Dell you probably get warranty etc.
I would recommend an intel eepro100.
Realteks are cheap but I already had some dead card over the last few
years. The 50 euro's you save by buying realteks over intels just isnt
worth it.

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