Problem on DAT ?

Pierre POMES ppomes at
Tue Jun 11 04:13:00 CDT 2002


>       o the PERC onboard or card based RAID controllers
>           (i've had to do this as well)

I plan to do this today on my PERC3 card. I had a crash last week, the
NVRAM configuration became different (2 physical drives became FAILED)
from the disk configuration (with was ok). This happened in a cluster
configuration with a shared powervault 210s, during the night, with no
activity requested by users (this setup is under finalization and is not
in production). Nobody was at the office.

I just saved choose the disk configuration and everything was fine
again. I don't understand what happened... Before that, the setup has
been working fine for several weeks. After that, the setup is still
working fine...

Hope the forware update will fix this problem.

>       o the disk drives
>           (i'd be really interested to know if people are doing this..)

I plan to this also, since there is a update available for FUJITSU disk
on a powervault 210s.

I will let you know...


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