Problem on DAT ?

Basil Hussain basil.hussain at
Tue Jun 11 03:35:00 CDT 2002


> 	o the system bios
> 	  (i do this on our 2400/2450s)

Well, I like to do this whenever I have the chance, such as when setting-up
a system or taking it down for maintenance. Although, availability of
working floppy disks and a Win9x/ME system to create the boot disk (damn
OS/2-compatible EXE self-extracting archives) permitting... :-(

Although, four of our PE1550 servers here have been up for almost a year
non-stop, so it's not like I get a chance. :-) The saying, "if it ain't
broke, don't fix it", does seem to apply here.

> 	o the system scsi controller (possible?)
>           (i haven't seen an update file for this)

I'm not sure about this either.

> 	o the PERC onboard or card based RAID controllers
>           (i've had to do this as well)

This falls into the same category as BIOS updates. If I get the chance, I
do, but if there aren't any major incompatibilities/bugs, then things can
stay as they are.

> 	o the tape drives (dat/dlt/lto)
>           (only just learned of this from pierre.. i will have to
> look into it)

With the last tape drive we got, an HP DLT1e, we didn't even get a choice
about this. The install program for Win2000 automatically downloaded and
installed the latest firmware for you!

> 	o the disk drives
>           (i'd be really interested to know if people are doing this..)

The only time I've ever seen such updates available for drive firmware was
for some Quantum IDE drives quite a while back.


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