Problem on DAT ?

jason andrade jason at
Mon Jun 10 17:37:01 CDT 2002

On Mon, 10 Jun 2002, Pierre POMES wrote:

> Hi all,
> I had to flash the firmware of the DDS4 from an update file I found on
> the Dell web site (100-8160.exe). Everything is working fine now. 

yow.. firmware updates wasn't something i'd thought of.  will file
that away as something to keep in mind for the next diagnosis..

> Jason, one note about compression : it is possible to activate
> compression and variable tape block size on this drive. Have a loot at
> I created a
> /etc/stinit.def file as explained and compression has been activated.

nod.  thanks.  i was going to suggest one way was to simply set hardware
compression on the drive itself but this is much better.

> Thank you also for the 'mt fsf', I am now able to read all filesystems
> from my tape.

no worries.

on that note, how many people here actually update the firmware on (and
does Dell recommend regular firmware updating as being proactive, or
is it better to "don't fix what's not broken")

	o the system bios
	  (i do this on our 2400/2450s)

	o the system scsi controller (possible?)
          (i haven't seen an update file for this)

	o the PERC onboard or card based RAID controllers
          (i've had to do this as well)

	o the tape drives (dat/dlt/lto)
          (only just learned of this from pierre.. i will have to look into it)
	o the disk drives
          (i'd be really interested to know if people are doing this..)



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