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Mon Jun 10 10:54:00 CDT 2002

In the past it has been an issue with IDE CD-ROM drives. 

I wouldn't do commands remote other than the -d option. If you mistakenly
set a wrong setting with hdparm,
you may have a system lockup and have the drives unreadable.

If DMA is off, you might want to turn it on or vice versa if it is already
on and see if the messages go away. The kernel usually will use DMA if it

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> Sounds like you're having problems with the DMA. Try the following:

is this a disk problem or an ide controller issue?

> Verify DMA is on by typing 
> hdparm -d /dev/[drive] at a command prompt. 
> To turn it off temporarily (it will be re-enabled upon reboot), type 
> hdparm -d0 /dev/[drive] at a command prompt. 

are these things that can be done remote? (The systems are 70 miles
away but we had a visit scheduled next week).

> To pass the ide=nodma option to the kernel at boot. To do this, open
> /boot/grub/grub.conf in a text editor, and add "ide=nodma" to the end of
> each line that begins with "kernel".
> These instructions are for a Red Hat system, so some variance may be
> for Debian. I am also assuming that this is a software RAID1 , correct?

yes, software raid...

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