PERC 3/DC - Dual Channel performance

Paco Culebras Amigo paco at
Mon Jun 10 07:58:00 CDT 2002


Maybe I'm saying something stupid, but :
I have a PE 4600 (RedHat 7.2) system with a PERC 3/DC and 7 U160 discs,
having 1 disc in Hotspare and the other 6 in 3 arrays of 2 discs in RAID
1, all in the same channel.
It's possible to increment the performance of the system having 3 discs
in channel 0 and 3 discs in channel 1 in RAID 1 ?
Or, as the main function of the system is as an Oracle Server, it's
better having one array (data) in channel 0 and other array (index) in
channel 1 ?

Any suggestions/experiences/recommendations in this way and
PowerEdge/RedHat/Oracle ?

Is better to install Suse ?

Thanks in advance,
Paco Culebras.
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