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Sun Jun 9 22:04:00 CDT 2002

Hello Manish,

manish pradhan wrote:

> I just bought a dell poweredge server (1.3 GHz P3) with 36gb of scsi 
> disk space and linux 7.2 factory installed on it. I use a standard cable 
> modem connected to a 4 port linksys router and I have the server 
> connected to one of these ports. My cable modem gives me about 200 
> kbits/sec upload rates. I am planning to host a very simple website on 
> the server which some of my friends can log on and download files.

	Cool, I would suggest that you upgrade to 7.3 its got some cool updates. 
I think that what you want to do is to re-install - custom install it to 
suit your needs - and make sure that you have Apache installed as well 
as something like wu-ftpd. After that if you have you IP stuff 
(preferably a static one) then you can share out your stuff by http aka 
the web, make sure that you read up about apache ( 
and make sure that your server is up2date with all the updates from RH.

	Also you may want to disable services that you donot need like mail 
servers, telnet (default shutoff), there is a service manager in 7.3 
that can help you with that. Maybe you should install a firewall and 
allow that specific port 80 open to that server if that is all you want 
to share on that server. Maybe your router has firewall capabilities ? 
If not then install and configure IPTables or IPChains.

	Also take a look at and see if there are any 
howto's that work for you ! If you have issues write to me off list and 
I will help you further.



Aly Dharshi
aly.dharshi at
aly.dharshi at

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