creating websites with linux 7.2

manish pradhan manish.pradhan at
Sun Jun 9 20:46:00 CDT 2002



I just bought a dell poweredge server (1.3 GHz P3) with 36gb of scsi
disk space and linux 7.2 factory installed on it. I use a standard cable
modem connected to a 4 port linksys router and I have the server
connected to one of these ports. My cable modem gives me about 200
kbits/sec upload rates. I am planning to host a very simple website on
the server which some of my friends can log on and download files.


My questions are:


1.	how do I begin to create a website using linux 7.2 and share it
on the internet (complete novice)
2.	how can I maximize the data rates to access this site (keeping
in mind my cable modem upload speeds of 200kbits/sec)



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