shutdown/reboot problem with RH 7.3 and Dell 2550

Aly Dharshi aly.dharshi at
Fri Jun 7 15:56:01 CDT 2002

Pablo Godel wrote:

> Whenever I try to shutdown or reboot my server with Redhat Linux 7.3, or if
> I try to go into single mode the system just hangs.

	It would be good to know what command that you are using to shut the 
server down, or are you using the logout and then shutdown menu for 
example in GNOME or from the login box ?

> I tried putting on lilo the line append="reboot=bios,smp" but it didn't take
> effect. Also, I updated the kernel to the latest one on 


> Anyone has any more ideas on how to solve this problem?

	There are a couple of things you can try. Try /usr/bin/poweroff ( I bet 
that this is the default),if that doesn't work then try shutdown -h now, 
then there is also the halt command which I don't really recommend it 
used to do bad things under Solaris like an instantenous stop of the 
system it maybe safe in RH 7.x but I would recommend the first ones. 
Lastly you can say init 6 also something that I don't know if you would 
like to do but if all else fails try it.



Aly Dharshi
aly.dharshi at
aly.dharshi at

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