1650 e1000 problems

Francisco Perin fperin at kaplan.com
Fri Jun 7 09:56:01 CDT 2002

I'm demo'ing a new 1650 running RH-Linux 7.2 and
i'm having terrible problems with the network
interfaces.  They are configured to come up at
boot and they do - but they only stay available
for an average of 10 minutes.  After which I loose
connectivity to everything - meaning I can't ping
beyond the interface - although I can ping the
interface itself.  Even after a few ifdown and
up's the thing doesn't get beyond itself.  If I
reboot the box of course it comes back for a few

I've had the networking guys verify the everything
is kosher on that side of things - so it's
definitely isolated to the interfaces.  Any Ideas?


G. Francisco Perin
Senior Systems Engineer
Kaplan Inc.
(cell) 917.378.0901

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